Redefining the idea of what auto parts look like

The Bilstein Group is one of the world’s leading specialist in the independent aftermarket, offering repair solutions for all popular makes of cars and commercial vehicles, and Blue Print is one of its brands.

Being a market leader implies to be one step ahead of the competition. In this spirit, the brand decided that it was the right moment to renew it’s image library, conveying more clearly the qualities of its products.

This was the first time we worked in the automotive sector, but our approach allowed us to obtain a good knowledge of the target customer and to propose the type of imagery we felt was in line with what the Blue Print was looking for.


For this project the concept was to portray the parts in a dynamic way, showcasing them in the same position in which they are used, as if the rest of the vehicle had disappeared.

With the concept approved, we created a few test images as “proof of concept”. From then on, we began creating a whole new library of images for the brand.

Of all the images produced, some stand out due to their complexity, both in execution (all parts were photographed at the same time), as well as in the final result with the graphic design.


The graphic design is an important part of the final message and so all the images were created in close coordination with the Blue Print design team.


The result was a success. The new images proved to be innovative, eye catching and flexible enough to be used in numerous applications.

Below are just a few of the images created, from simple one product image to an all range of parts.

ClientBlue Print (Bilstein Group)ServicesConcept, photography,

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