The unsung road heroes

The Bilstein Group is one of the world’s leading specialists in the Independent Aftermarket, offering repair solutions for all popular makes of cars and commercial vehicles, and FEBI TRUCK is one of its brands.

Following the success of the photographs created for Blue Print, another brand of the Bilstein group (the case study can be read here), I was invited to create the new industrial photographs for the FEBI truck brand.

It’s a different brand, so the concept for the photographs would necessarily have to be different.


Unlike car parts, truck parts are much larger, heavier and with design aspects quite different from car parts.

In this case, we started with a black background, which is usually associated with strength, and seemed quite suitable for these kind of parts. Because these are large items, I tried to turn each element into a true road hero.

The image that we usually have of heroes is of us looking up to them, so it’s a character that seems to be bigger than all of us. It was this point of view that I sought, photographing the pieces as if they were buildings, high structures with a scale several times bigger than reality.

This point of view made it possible to highlight aspects of the design that would normally go unnoticed, but as more detail was added to the image, our attention is drawn to the design work of each piece.

© 2017 Photography by Martins Ribeiro. All rights reserved.

Graphic work

Photographs are not used alone but they’re integrated into graphic design work. During the sessions, the photographs were constantly checked and tested to ensure their flexibility in future graphic applications such as brochures, billboards and web pages.


Like the work for the Blue Print brand, these images allowed to increase the visibility of the brand FEBI truck, showing that a good industrial photography is very important to communicate the value and qualities of its spare parts.

These are some of the photographs created, as well as several applications designed by the graphic designers at FEBI Truck.

Advertising photography

In addition to the brand’s image library, I’ve also produced advertising photography, as is the case below.

The process is similar to other advertising images. Based on the message to be conveyed, ideas for the image are discussed, many times supported on a simple sketch. Once the idea is approved, we move to the image production phase, keeping in mind the graphic design that will be used as a support. Created the image, the graphic design finishes the art work, making it ready for publishing.

Website and parts finder

The industrial product photographs created are extremely versatile, being used in the web catalog, the FEBI website banner and brand communications with its clients, maximizing the investment made.