Jewelery photography

Sometimes there’s an opportunity to create a thematic presentation in order to give a clear idea of the studio’s ability to produce images that, by their nature, require a specialized knowledge and know-how than isn’t necessary for the typical white background images.

In this particular case, I thought it would be interesting to produce a presentation about my work on jewelery photography. With this presentation I intend to show some of the images created in the area of advertising photography, using mainly rings. As my area of expertise is product photography, the photography of jewelery is a special case, due to the characteristics of the materials involved, as well as, because of the scale of the elements involved.

Here is a brief video presentation of the work produced, where you can see some of the images in the portfolio.

If you are interested in receiving this PDF presentation for future reference, simply send an email to info @ martinsribeiro, and I will be happy to send you the link to download it.