Shooting jewelry for men

I was recently asked to create some images of men’s bracelets. The concept behind these images was to create a masculine presence, namely hard edges and geometric forms, in contrast to the naturally round shape of bracelets.
For that purpose I’ve built a set with black paper and foam board squares where the bracelets were staged. The contrast between the paper and the materials of the bracelets was really interesting but challenging.
All the images were captured with a view camera. The set was not parallel to the focus plane and I wanted to avoid focus stacking while keeping everything in focus.
The lighting came from behind the subjects, with a snoot projecting onto a diffusion panel, to get a very controlled light and creating a natural vignetting.
The paper used on the background had some texture which presented a few problems. Ideally I would have used matt acrylic, but couldn’t found any in black at the time of the shooting.
Fotografo de joalharia para catálogo e redes sociais Martins Ribeiro