Shin guards photography

SAK is a Portuguese company that designs and develops shin guards for soccer players.

Within the scope of product photography, several advertising images were created for catalog and the online store.

There was no defined concept for the photographs, and I had the freedom to develop the ideas that I thought would have greater visual impact. The only requirement was that the photographs should be aligned with the values of the brand as well as the characteristics of the products.

Three series of images were created.

The first one, made up of 3 different images, intends to reflect the lightness of the products, which translates into comfort of use.

The second series, composed of 1 image, intends to reflect the resistance of the shin guards. In this case I’ve used the idea of concrete to convey the idea of high protection against impact.

And thirdly, a series of images of shin guards alluding to 3 Portuguese football clubs.