Boa Safra – Furniture

For the promotion of new furniture pieces and for the illustration of their new catalog, designer Magda Costa  asked me to create some photographs that would convey the texture and the quality of the materials used in the production of Boa Safra pieces.

In a joint work between Magda and myself, we defined a series of “Flatlay” product images using various samples of the natural materials used by Boa Safra.

The purpose of the images was to use them in a catalog (cover, back cover and eventually separators), the website as well as a Christmas postcard. In this sense, we tried to demonstrate the care in the elaboration of the furniture, through the careful organization of the samples that appear in the images, using always a palette of natural colors.

We tried to transmit the concern that Boa Safra has in the choice and use of natural materials, combining fabrics, woods and vegetal elements.

In addition to the photographs of the materials, I’ve also had the opportunity to create a few images of the Tanho bench, featured at the beginning of the catalog and is part of another set of furniture photographs for Boa Safra.

© 2019 Photography by Martins Ribeiro. All rights reserved.


Here are the images in use on the catalogue’s front and back cover, and inside pages.


Behind the scenes

As a matter of curiosity, I share some photographs of the behind the scenes of this session, where you can see many of the materials used, the organization and the space needed for such a work.