The brand

Blest is a Slovenian jewelery brand, with two dominant subjects: Saint Christopher, patron of travelers, and the Sea

For the launch of this new brand, we were invited to created a varied set of images. The advertising photography were used to present the brand to it’s target audience. This images have been extensively used on social networks, with Instagram as main platform. Other uses were printed marketing materials like catalogues and brochures.

For the online store, we created several packshot type images , following very precise specifications, so that the images could be used not only on the brands website, but also on other online platforms like Amazon.

Advertising photography

We’ve created a series of flatlay images showcasing the brand ideals and visuals, conveying the values of the brand to a young audience keen on water sports, but also on traveling and adventurers.

Composition wise, we intended to evoke the freshness of the water and the tranquility of the surf. Therefore, we opted for muted green and blue tones, complementing some of the brand’s medals and yarns with props related to the targeted audience.

White Background

The product photographs on white background were quite a challenge. The polished materials reflect everything around them, and the medals are small, meaning that in the photos we can see them up to 5 times bigger. Of course with this enlargement, all irregularities take on a leading role. In these cases, the necessary retouching is quite time consuming.


And to finish, a few images created specifically for the instructions manual.


The set of images is extremely elegant and faithful to the brand values. National and international feedback has been really good, and we are already working on new ideas for the next session.

Blest all medallions