Sunglasses – behind the scene images

The setup bellow was created 3 years ago. Since then it has been improved and simplified allowing me to achieve better result in less time. But I still believe is a good setup so I’m sharing it.


Each sunglasses brand is different and needs different points of view.

As new models are released, there’s a need to guarantee that the new images are similar to the previous ones. Therefore, there has to be precision while creating the setup: in the positioning of lighting and use of modifiers, lens used, distance between camera and subject and a lot of other details, otherwise there will be differences between the images.

Setup antigo para criar imagens de produto de óculos sobre fundo branco


I’ve opted to keep the sunglasses in the same positions, moving the camera instead.

Hence, the front view of all the sunglasses was done in the first place, and then the camera was positioned to the second point of view. A white mate background was used to create a seamless background, that was perforated to place the camera’s lens. The height of the camera was established in a way that it wouldn’t reflect itself in the lens, with exception of really curvy lens that needed to be corrected on post-production.

To place the sunglasses in the precise same position, a wood ruler was used.

The 45º view was created shifting the camera position and covering the lens’ screen hole.


Below are a few final images created with this setup.