Car Parts

In this post, I’ll present product photography of car parts, created for a German manufacturer. The parts are to be sold in what is called the “aftermarket”, that is, the spare parts market.

The images created are for printing and for the web, and represent the various ranges of available car parts manufactured and sold by the brand.


The idea behind the images was to portrait the parts as working elements and, if possible, in their final position. Instead of having the elements stationary on a flat surface, my intention was to show them as if they were actually in use. That gives them more presence and dynamics.

The point of view is in level or lower than the part to be photographed, to give a more heroic aspect to the scene. Occasionally it will be necessary to shoot from above, but the heroic feeling has to be present.

Esquisso para composição de fotografia de produto. Antes de montar o setup de luz, é essencial determinar a composição e

The main color is blue, a cold color that is usually  associated with industry, complemented by yellow or orange, if it’s part of the product’s colors.
Since the car parts vary greatly in terms of material and color, a color palette was defined to be applied to all the images.


Initially, the suspension of the articles was tested, but it was soon found that their weight would be a problem. An alternative solution was then created by arranging the products on a glass (so as to be able to have light coming from below) or by laying them on a working surface, while simulating their final position.

Advertising photography of a car engine air filter


Besides the images of each part, it was necessary to create some group imagens, with several different parts, representing all the categories sold.

Here I opted to arrange all the parts together, instead of resorting to their composition in post production (there are reflections and interactions between the pieces that would be difficult or even impossible to recreate realistically in post-production).

Some of the more complex groups took up to 2 hours to create the final layout, making sure all the parts were cleaned and aligned as I wanted.

Imagem de bastidor de fotografia industrial por Martins Ribeiro - fotógrafo de produto

After cutting out  the parts and placing them on the digital background, all the images were color graded to harmonize their tones and bring the colors closer to the chosen color palette.

Bellow are a few sample of the images. Additional images can be found on my industrial photography portfolio

Advertising photography of a car turn spare part

Hope this information on industrial photography is inspiring and helps you to see the products in a new light.