Christmas Hampers

As part of a work for the 2017 Christmas, we were given the opportunity to carry out gastronomic photography, as a complement to product photography.

As in other years (see here some of my work in this area), the main purpose of these images is to show some of the products, that are part of the Christmas hampers, already arranged and plated as a complement to the traditional hampers’ images.

The work was carried out during the month of June, as the summer was beginning, but the spirit in the studio was christmassy: warm colors, appetizing smells, golden ribbons and sparkling lights.

Once again, our space proved to be versatile allowing the coordination between the physical space, the products to be photographed and the scenery materials.

It was our responsibility to manage all the products and to create all the ambiances, as the client entrusted us with the necessary creative freedom to develop the ideas and to create the final compositions.

The work consisted of 3 phases:

  • photograph the products on a white background, as a packshot, in order to illustrate the products individually;
  • photograph the hampers in the traditional way, with the various products that are part of them;
  • gastronomic photography, or food photography, to suggest a tasty experience.

The following images refer to this last phase.

As always, it is part of our working method the consistency between all the images for a smooth and coherent visualization.
We are proud of the end result, just as the customer was that decided to change his own site to integrate more large-size and gastronomic photographs.


I hope these images have awakened your appetite for good things.

If you wish to have your Christmas hampers photographed by me, please contact me for any further information.