Advertising Photography – Shock Absorbers

How is it created a product photography? The images below reveal the process behind one of those works.

In this work, the client asked me for ideas to present a varied set of gas shock absorbers for automobiles. The image would be used in advertising posters, over a black background.

Based on the characteristics and materials of the products to be presented, the idea was to create an “explosion”, where the shock absorbers depart all from the same point and fill the space available on the poster. This concept also has the advantage of creating a three-dimensional idea of the pieces.

The sketch below represents the initial idea.

© 2018 Photography by Martins Ribeiro. All rights reserved.

Product Photography

To create the image, a black acrylic background was used, identical to the poster’s background.

Over it, the various shock absorbers were arranged, supported on pieces of wire created specifically made for each element. Those wires allowed to arrange the shock absorbers in different heights and in the positions intended, creating the overall image of the set without resourcing to post-production.

Imagem de bastidor de fotografia de amortecedores por Martins Ribeiro - fotografo de produto


As the image was created, based on the layout for advertising, the final retouching was done. Then the designers did their job, and the final piece of communication can be seen below.