This post is about some of the aspects that we, commercial photographers, need to be aware of when creating images for publications.


When creating a photo for a publication cover, the orientation will tend to be portrait, requiring space for the title and some additional information. However, if the photo is intended for a spread, that is, to occupy two pages of a publication, the image’s orientation will be horizontal.


In a publication context, the images help illustrate a text and, not knowing at the outset its content, another aspect that must be taken into consideration is the emotion that is intended to be transmitted, making use of the chairoscuro technique. With lightness, a cool, outdoor, festive springy/summery ambiance is conveyed, whereas darkness induces a more introverted, inner mood that can represent autumn/winter.


The images bellow illustrate the situations discussed above. Two vertical images were created to be used as cover, and two horizontal images that could be used as a spread.

Also, for each page orientation, a light and a dark version is presented, giving the editor the ability to choose the image that best fits the intended mood