Danish clothing

Sensify is a luxury Danish-made clothing brand created by designer Laila Sørensen. We’ve collaborated on the production of the product images, for their Fall/Winter of 2014/15 and Spring/Summer 2015 catalogs that will be used both on the online store and for the promotion of the brand.

Fotografia de roupa de senhora em manequim invisível

All clothes were photographed according to a technique known as “invisible mannequin”. It’s a way of presenting the clothing that allows you show the shape, the color and the texture by removing the mannequin, in order to focus attention on the garment.

Some pieces stand out by its transparency, being made of thin fabrics or even mesh fabrics, and that characteristic had to be shown. In these cases we used a wire mannequin that allows you give shape to the clothing and, with some retouching, to show its transparency.

Fotografia de roupa de senhora em manequim invisível

In a second phase, it was also created the photography of combinations of clothing, where I tried to show its lightness and dynamics.

Fotografia de roupa em modelo criada por Martins Ribeiro fotógrafo de produto