Product photography in industrial environment

Sometimes there are works that, due to their characteristics, put to the test my skills as a photographer. One of those works was the creation of industrial photography and product photography for the Olitrem brand, where all the equipment that this brand produces was photographed.

Olitrem is a 50 years old company that produces cold equipment, positive and negative, with varied dimensions and finishes. For the 2016-2017 catalog, it was necessary to photograph more than 100 models, on site, throughout 3 different sessions.

The difficulties that this type of work presents refer to the need of consistency between all the images, namely, their point of view and materials’ finishes.

As the sessions were on different days, the difficulty increases.


In order to optimize time to its maximum, the equipment to be photographed in each session was defined, not by its format or finish, but by its availability on stock or production line. Ideally, equipments with similar characteristics (size, finish, shape) would be photographed together, but without all the models manufactured, it was necessary to adapt and organize the available equipment, and to schedule the manufacture of the others.


The images were created on site, creating a studio with approximately 80 m2, where the lighting was mounted and a support cart with computer equipment and support to create the images. Particular attention has been paid to the support material used in order to resist to a factory environment, by using c-stands instead of standard tripods.


In order to achieve the same point of view for all the equipments, a marking on the pavement was created on and a metal gauge, which allowed the alignment of the equipments in a fixed direction, without changing its relation with the camera. This marking ensured that all equipment presented the same point of view and could be placed side by side in the catalog, without noticing differences. Some detail images were also created, showing the care that is put in the design of the equipment and the versatility of some solutions.


The lighting varied according to the finish (white, stainless, wood or stone) and shape (vertical or horizontal). The reflections are different and as a result the lighting was adjusted to each equipment. Further, it was necessary to control the color contamination from nearby equipment, especially in areas with strong colors. As some of the equipment has interior lighting, it was necessary to create two images for those cases, one of the exterior and another of the lighted interior, in order to represent the equipment faithfully.

Post production

The post-production of the images went through the adjustment of luminosity and color of the equipment, retouching and composition of interiors/exteriors in the equipment with interior lighting, and the background cutout for usage in several supports. It was a complex work that resulted in an excellent library of images that will allow Olitrem to present their equipment with the quality they have.

Below there are several photographed details and an overview of the equipment. Once the new catalog is available, I’ll update the post with the link.