Herewith is a test session for Manjerica ladies handbags.

A test session is no more than selecting a product that is representative of the brand or collection to be launched and, using my technical and artistic ability, make this element something seductive, desirable and symbolic. For this session, I set out to create a set of images for a teaser for a new collection of suitcases.

The images are purposely mysterious, hiding the shape of the bag completely, but seeking to highlight the main colors and materials used.

I began by defining and sketching the intended layout, paying attention that it has to work both vertically (for a poster or a magazine cover) and horizontally (for a double page of a magazine), leaving space for the brand and the text.

With these schemes defined, identical to those that could be sent by a design agency, the production and creation of images begins.

Once the images are created, the text is superimposed, and the final result is reached: images that add value to the article, increase interest and reinforce the image of the brand and the product.