E-commerce images or packshots

In this post I will talk about e-commerce images, with transparent or solid background, usually known as packshots.

This type of image is widely used on online sales, and is recognizable by not having associated any props nor conveying any ambiance. These are simple images, illuminated in order that the whole product is clearly perceived, and where all its characteristics (shape, color, materials, texture, …) must be perfectly legible.

When this type of image is well achieved, it can be used on any background, being it a solid color or not, achieving the perfect integration of the product.

To create this type of image, the product is photographed on a solid uniforme background, well lit, but taking care that the contrast and color of the image are not diminished. It’s absolutely necessary to ensure that the colors that will be captured and reproduced by the photograph, are accurate and match the branding.

Next, in post production, the product is cut from the background (image to the left), and the projected reflection or shadow are separated (image to the right). This is the more complicated and time-consuming phase of post-production because the cropping of the product should be as accurate as possible.
After this work, the image is ready to be used on any background.

In a nutshell, this is the process for creating a packshot!