Christmas Hampers

A brief post to present a work of product photography developed in June, for the Christmas season we are in: these are Christmas hampers photographs for a catalog, with the Angolan market in sight.

For this project were created images of the various items that make up the basket, images of the offer boxes and, photographs of each of each hamper.

For the images of the hampers, we’ve created a structure to place the various items, whose arrangement was changed from hamper to hamper, depending on the items that each hamper had. The structure was covered with a white cloth to help on achieving a clean white background.

The items were arranged in a hierarchical way, being placed in the highest position the most relevant ones.
When there were grocery products, a horizontal organization was created, placing on the left the products related with bar and entertaining guest, and on the right the grocery products.

In the placement of the products it was essential to ensure that all brands were perfectly visible and that no product hid articles further back.

To complement it, environment images were created, in the style of editorial and advertising photography, for the catalogue.

The catalog design, as well as the creative direction were the responsibility of the designer Magda Alves Pereira.


  • The largest basket was 2.60m wide and contained 238 articles;
  • The photographs were created over 3 days;
  • The organization and photography of the larger baskets took, on average, 2 hours.